About Me

What You Get …


No matter the situation presented, always create and drive alternative ways to proceed.


Strengths serve as a means to stimulate personal and group excellence.

This is always my focus.


If you are not improving, you are losing.

I am a continuous learner and teach methods for continuous improvement.


Never stop.

Dedication, stamina and hard work could me my middle names.


I focus on the uniqueness of the indivudal.

Every person brings something to the table that adds value to the effort.

Working With Me


Who do I work with?

Small to medium sized businesses who are growing quickly (or have explosive potential for growth). Or larger companies that have remained agile and not overly corporate. Need to have a flexible mindset and be open and excited for change.

What are my fees?

My typical compensation is a monthly retainer plus a negotiated performance package which vests over time.

What do you get?

Simply – a piece of me. This is NOT a consulting relationship. What I’m best at (and most interested in), are fully committed business partnerships. I’ll be deeply invested in your business and act as key catalyst to achieving your long-term goals.

How much time do you get?

I never maintain more than five relationships of this nature.

The goal of this type of relationship is you feel  like you have a full-time CMO but you get that for a fraction of the risk you’d need to take on if you hired someone full-time. 

What is my role?

Typically very flexible.  Depending on what infrastructure your business needs and already has in place (that is truly serving the long-term goals of the business).

My main focus is usually strategy and management of execution around marketing initiatives. But, I’ve helped companies successfully execute projects  in related areas from website development to international expansion. 

How do we get started?

Our relationship begins with a no obligation one-on-one discovery call (see Request Assessment on this page). If, after that call we both feel we’d like to investigate the relationship further, then I’ll do a round of research (on my dime).

What I have to offer is very specific and is not for everybody or every situation. But, when the fit is right and incentives are properly aligned the results can be electric.

What My Clients Say …

Mike was instrumental in helping our company begin to develop a brand and digital marketing strategy.

Not only does he bring significant experience but he can execute on several facets which are important skills and competencies that is often challenging to acquire as a start up.

I highly recommend giving Mike a call for any immediate needs in driving strategic and scalable growth.

— Tom Angelone, Founder & CEO